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Your Emergency Stash 

The unexpected can and will eventually come. Do you feel prepared for when it comes? How has your emergency savings goal been going? Are you on track, reached your goal or not quite there? If you need a marker, aim to have at least $1,000 in savings by the end of the year. If you've done the before, try for $2,000.

Evaluate where you are and take action if needed. But make sure you have yourself covered so you are not scrambling at the buzzer and getting yourself in debt with high interest trying to cover yourself.



Work On Increasing Your Net Worth 

What your keep vs. What you owe. 

How are you working to increase yours? The first step is figuring out how to manage and maximize what you currently have. I mean like really maximize your dollars and no make unnecessary and unplanned purchases regularly. 

Next, make sure you are spending an appropriate amount on your purchases. You might not want to skimp on your mechanic but if that blouse is on sale tomorrow or you have a coupon at home then wait. 

Look into ways to create a second or third income and reinvest your earning. If you are unsure of what you can do then look to your hobbies.

Pay More Than Once Per Month 

So you've got some debt, a credit card, an annoying student loan that doesnt want to budge. 

Yes you have a minimum to amount to pay towards you credit accounts once per billing cycle but consider paying a bit more. Better yet, pay the minimum early and then by the due date, add in your additional payment to be applied to the principle balance.

Ditch Credit & Use Cash 

Christmas is fast approaching and I am all for getting the most bang for your buck, loading up on rewards and all but if you've been experiencing an absence of control use cash. 

Its simple enough to keep you or put you back on track. Put your cards up for the rest of the week and carry with you only the remaining balance of your weekly budget. Your bank account will thank you later!