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Pay More Than Once Per Month 

So you've got some debt, a credit card, an annoying student loan that doesnt want to budge. 

Yes you have a minimum to amount to pay towards you credit accounts once per billing cycle but consider paying a bit more. Better yet, pay the minimum early and then by the due date, add in your additional payment to be applied to the principle balance.

Minimize Hard Credit Inquiries 

Credit card offers keep popping up in your mail box and your bank is sending you emails with card offers while you have classes to get ready for and you are tired of the bus and train. Don’t break drastically from your regular financial set up because things are getting to you. The last thing you want to do is open a bunch of new lines of credit in a short period of time. Do not fall for the trap of “building your credit” by buying a new car and opening that credit card you were offered with the 30,000 point bonus if you don’t actually have the money for any of it! 

Imagine how hard and long it will be if you don’t have the money for these things now. That’s what financial institutions analyze when they pull your credit report and you will see it quickly with your credit score. The more hard inquiries you have (credit card applications, personal loan apps, etc.) the more of a risk you will seem when you do apply for something that you need and want. Step yourself up in a good way and build your credit organically as you need it. And aim to live below your means as you do it. 

Start out with a secured credit card. Your limit will be contingent on the amount of money you deposited available. Then after 6 or more months you can apply for one other new line of credit, either your standard credit card, small personal loan or line of credit, or that car loan. But the key is to take your time and pay in full at least the day before your due date and you will see a healthy credit report being to take form.