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Don't Blindly Invest 

Go with what you know and if you are thinking of trying another investment or savings vehicle, research the heck out of it -- just don't take one other persons opinion. 

The information they give you may be 100% accurate but you need to have a full scope of your risks in any investment you make. Know all of the pros and con's and then decide whether or not you can tolerate the worst happening or if it would be too devastating.


Here are some of my suggestions for accessible information sources before you invest:

Realty: Danielle Pierce, Mark Whitten, Max Maxwell, Douglass Depte

Stocks: Red Panda, Wall Street Trapper, The Black Financial Channel, Our Rich Journey


There are so many resources. What are your favorites?

Live Under Your Means 

Just because you have money currently in your possession and you've paid all of your bills for the month does not mean you have to or should spend the rest of your earnings. Leaving a portion of your money for another day will be the difference between you staying in debt, getting in debt or you carving out a great financial future for yourself. Build the groundwork for you to not feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck. 

Live under your means. Put a portion of your pay away in savings. Students, put it away in a savings or CD account. If you're knowledgeable enough or have a knowledgeable and reliable teacher or mentor, look into opening a Roth IRA. Its never to early to start saving for retirement. Or do a combination of these suggestions or more in areas you understand. Just make sure you are not spending every dime of your pay.

Don't let the knowledge of the money your have burn a whole in your pocket.

Who You Have to Tell 

So people will ask all the time how much you get paid? Where you're going? How much it cost? How did you get that? And everyone's intentions are not the same. 

Some people may see you doing well or on track with your goals and congratulate you and genuinely be happy for you. Or they might give you some suggestions or motivate you to get on track. Keep those people around! Some other people may not. Keep a stick between you and those people. Jealousy, envy and greed usually follow with those people and just like anything else, you want to safeguard what is yours. 

Yes, they could probably figure it out but you are in no way obligated to share the details of your money with anyone. Feel comfortable saying nicely, I'm not comfortable discussing that with you if you want to. And end that conversation and move on to the next.

You Might Already Be A Sole Proprietor 

Starting a business does not necessarily mean you have to have a lawyer and accountant and file a ton of paper work. You may already be working as one of the simplest and cheapest business structures already - Sole Proprietor. You can be a sole proprietor if you sell keychains for heaven's sake. LLC's are popular too but if you are not ready financially to take that on and your business is simple enough, you could jus begin as a Sole Proprietor.

You can still have some tax deductions, you can still get an EID (a social security number for businesses) and still open a business bank account or brokerage account.


Have you heard of the term Sole Proprietorship before or do you have one?

Seek Mentors 

Seek someone, books, a course or something with knowledge in an area you are not familiar with. They can help you navigate and figure out what, where and how you need to do something and save you a ton of time. 

Don't waste time and your resources trying to reinvent the wheel. Get the best of someone else's knowledge and expertise and use it.

You can even look at Youtube, Patron, and IG for more inspiration and guidance. Check out podcasts and pages like, Earn Your Leisure, Max Maxwell, Todd Capital, Wall Street Trapper, Danielle Pierce and more. If there are any other social pages, groups, podcasts or other that you like and/or has helped you, drop the info. below.

Work On Increasing Your Net Worth 

What your keep vs. What you owe. 

How are you working to increase yours? The first step is figuring out how to manage and maximize what you currently have. I mean like really maximize your dollars and no make unnecessary and unplanned purchases regularly. 

Next, make sure you are spending an appropriate amount on your purchases. You might not want to skimp on your mechanic but if that blouse is on sale tomorrow or you have a coupon at home then wait. 

Look into ways to create a second or third income and reinvest your earning. If you are unsure of what you can do then look to your hobbies.

Monetize Your Side Hustle 

What is the one thing you fully enjoy and always think about? What do you always come back to like its your personal true north? It will likely solve a problem or make things in some area of life easier. Its the one thing you cannot live the rest if your life without. 

Got it now? Good! Now is your time, in this exact moment, to start and figure out how to monetize it so you can do it forever! 

It doesn't have to be as big as Coca Cola but big enough for you and the people you want or need to reach. Support others in your field and your friends and celebrate all of your wins.