Use Credit to Make Money

Its Thursday and February is gone so chances are you are ready to spend, if even from your computer.

Make your credit create a bit of money for you as you spend. If you were going to spend a certain…

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You Might Already Be A Sole Proprietor

Starting a business does not necessarily mean you have to have a lawyer and accountant and file a ton of paper work. You may already be working as one of the simplest and cheapest business structures already - Sole Proprietor…

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Include Your Dreams In Your Money Goals

Start thinking now about your dreams and include them into your regular budget. Set a special savings aside just that. Yes you want to cut out excess but none of your goals are excess, they are yours so feed them…

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Seek Mentors

Seek someone, books, a course or something with knowledge in an area you are not familiar with. They can help you navigate and figure out what, where and how you need to do something and save you a ton of…

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Do You Need A Co-Signer?

If you need a co-signer that's a sign that you need to do 1 of 3 things: 

1. Don't get it. 
2. Wait a bit longer to get it. 
3. Find another way to get it. 

Being told you need…

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Your Emergency Stash

The unexpected can and will eventually come. Do you feel prepared for when it comes? How has your emergency savings goal been going? Are you on track, reached your goal or not quite there? If you need a marker, aim…

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Work On Increasing Your Net Worth

What your keep vs. What you owe. 

How are you working to increase yours? The first step is figuring out how to manage and maximize what you currently have. I mean like really maximize your dollars and no make unnecessary…

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Pay More Than Once Per Month

So you've got some debt, a credit card, an annoying student loan that doesnt want to budge. 

Yes you have a minimum to amount to pay towards you credit accounts once per billing cycle but consider paying a bit more…

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Monetize Your Side Hustle

What is the one thing you fully enjoy and always think about? What do you always come back to like its your personal true north? It will likely solve a problem or make things in some area of life easier…

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Minimize Hard Credit Inquiries

Credit card offers keep popping up in your mail box and your bank is sending you emails with card offers while you have classes to get ready for and you are tired of the bus and train. Don’t break drastically…

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Ditch Credit & Use Cash

Christmas is fast approaching and I am all for getting the most bang for your buck, loading up on rewards and all but if you've been experiencing an absence of control use cash. 

Its simple enough to keep you or…

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